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Tournaments : Guidelines

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:32 pm
~ Draft ~

- Co-Leaders :

Co-Leaders will be switched during Tournaments, according their activity : If there's one CL offline, but an (high) rank Member online, then roles could be switched by the Leader.
This should help to keep Tasks being deleted as often as possible.

- Tasks :
By rule, all Tasks with  < 200 Pts. should be removed on sight by (Co)Leader(s) :
It's also a good practice to keep always the best 6 Tasks on the board (if they are all crap, then delete them all).Some Member might be more busy during the Tournament, and having some "quick Tasks" for them should help. But if you plan to be active during the 4 days of the Tournament, then please, wait / aim for the 300 Pts. only (the first 2 days or so). Me, personally, if i plan to be active all Tourney, i just do 300's at the 1st day, 250-300 at 2nd day, 200-250-300 at 3rd day, and whatever's needed at last day. Smile

1- There are some "Treat Patients" Tasks (with 195 Pts) that should be left for the low Rank Members (in case we have)
2- All "Perfect Emergency Cases" & "Complete Emergency Cases" Tasks should be removed : This 2 Categories don't provide such worthy / smooth Tasks (unless you use diamonds), so for sure we can play with other Tasks that gives the same ammoun of Pts .
3- All "Complete Stages with Stars in Challenge Mode" Tasks with => 200 Pts and < level 15 could be considered by (Co)Leader(s). If > than level 15, it can be removed, and it seems no one can still play with those.
Check "Challenge Mode : How far are you ?" Thread for a better overview (if updated) Smile
4- At the last 0~6-hours of the Tourney, we should keep the most "Treat Patients" Tasks.

- Tournament Results :
Top 3 Contributers will stay Co-Leaders until next Tournament.
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